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The next time you're talking to your family tell them you want to be an organ donor.


Have you thought about it?

Most people would accept an organ if they needed one. Not surprising really. Yet only 39% of us have signed the NHS Organ Donor Register.

Every year, around 14 people in Northern Ireland die waiting for an organ transplant. By signing the register and talking to your family about your wishes you could help save the lives of up to seven people.

Sign the Organ Donor Register

There are lots of simple ways to register. Or maybe you need to check if you are already registered.
Find out how to and what happens afterwards.

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Talk about your wishes

of the population in Northern Ireland are on the Organ Donor Register
of families agree to donation if they know their loved ones’ wishes
people will die every year in Northern Ireland waiting for an organ
of patients are awaiting kidney transplants
of people would accept an organ if they needed one